Vancouver Independent Music Society - VIM HOUSE

The Vancouver Independent Music Centre Society is a non-profit, charitable organization made up of musicians, music presenters, managers, concert goers, business people and professionals who support the development of an affordable, accessible, sustainable and culturally diverse music centre in Vancouver. The Society was established in 2011 to develop the VIM House—a well designed, acoustically excellent space featuring a 250-300 seat concert venue, rehearsal and workshop spaces and a destination café.  The VIM House will provide the intimacy and warmth for jazz, blues, early, folk and classical music, the energy and vibrancy that attracts audiences of all ages, and the technical brilliance required for electro-acoustic and experimental music. The VIM House will support creativity, showcase local and world talent, educate and enable outreach through workshops, after school programs, webcasts and streaming and, ultimately, bring our community together.